Who We Are

iLab247 is a one-stop platform that allows students to get a realistic lab experience and perform their science experiments in a fun and engaging way. We are a virtual lab providing the simulation of science experiments by using computer graphics technology. Students can virtually perform science experiments as per the procedure, take readings, observations, tables, graphs, and conclusions of the experiments.

At iLab247, we intend to revolutionize the education sector by introducing a 3D interactive platform that encompasses computer graphics and artificial intelligence. We want to ignite curiosity amongst students, facilitate interaction, and make learning blissful. We aim to merge education with technology to provide the best visual simulation courses for students.



We turn Computers into Science labs

By using computer graphics technology and AI, we turn your tablets and computers into sophisticated virtual science labs wherein students can perform practicals, learn various techniques, skills, processes, protocols, and theories of different experiments. Since it is a virtual lab students can make mistakes without any fear and learn from trial and error before reaching the physical lab.


We bridge the knowledge gap

In a regular educational setting, science courses are taught at a certain pace and for some students, it’s hard to keep up with the learning pace. At iLab247 we help such students by providing them a learning tool that can be used at their own pace, and in their own time. This way, students with lower grasping ability and skill levels can match up with their peers.


We Make Learning Fun

Long and complex science experiments can be boring and make students lose their interest in learning. To increase student engagement we use fun animations and storytelling approaches in course materials. Virtual labs of iLab247 allow students to learn in a fun and engaging way, which is often not possible in Universities due to obvious reasons.


We Make Online Learning Easy

When students don’t get access to study materials in Colleges or Universities, it hampers their academic record. Also, there are many constraints in going to different places to collect different course materials. At iLab247, we provide a platform for students where they can take their science education from any place and at any time of the day. We can help you move your entire laboratory courses online.


We Provide Affordable Science Education

Anything can be designed in the virtual world and virtual labs. Leveraging the technology, we offer students a great chance of using advanced, expensive equipment. One of the major benefits of virtual labs is that there is no need for support staff or maintenance which saves a lot of money. We cost just a fraction of what a real lab will cost you to perform experiments. Plus, there is no security deposit or any penalty charges even if you blow up any lab instrument.


We Improve Practical Knowledge

At iLab247, we incorporate various proven techniques to facilitate a better understanding of theoretical information by inducing practical sessions. We provide students with various study aids in different formats to improve their visual learning abilities and boost their practical knowledge and understanding to perform real experiments safely. By including different multimedia and visual study aids we help students enhance their storytelling and active learning skills.

Explore Our Interactive 3D Simulation Courses

At iLab247, we cover a wide range of courses and offer a high-quality simulation of them. Some of the major science courses are as follows:


In lab simulations for biology, students can learn and understand

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In this lab simulation, we cover all the areas in general, analytical, and organic

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In lab simulations for Physics, we cover a wide range of topics in the areas

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In lab simulations for Maths anatomy, students can study a lot of maths

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Why Choose iLab247

  • Immersive 3D Interaction:
    iLab247 provides students with an immersive and interactive 3D simulation of a realistic lab, enhancing their understanding and knowledge with a virtual hands-on experience of what they’ve learned in theory classes. 3D visuals enhance the interaction abilities of students, making them enjoy their learning.
  • Beyond the Lab:
    We aim to cover all the educational aspects of students by providing them everything they need. We offer study materials in different formats and assessments to boost the knowledge and understanding of the students. The best part of our virtual labs is that students can perform any kind of experiment in a safe environment.
  • Adaptive to Learning Styles:
    At iLab247, we understand that every student has a different learning style. That is why we provide unique educational tools with various multimedia formats that are best suited to each student. We offer adaptive learning experiences to students of all calibers that will help them excel in their education.
  • Usability & User Experience:
    iLab247 provides the best user experience of virtual labs. We offer visual aids, easily usable multimedia, and immersive 3D animations that help students understand the complex mechanism of expensive equipment. We make sure that all our students using virtual labs get an enriched experience and a smooth educational process.
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